Sunday, May 30, 2010

May Catch Up.

It seemed like every day in May we had some family event to go to. My nephew got married, and here is Daisy. She sneaked into the cupcakes for the wedding. Luckily I got there before she helped herself to any more... Xander was the "MC" for their school's choir concert, so he requested that his mom make him a bright pink tie so that he could be in character better. Like the darling boy that he is, the girls all love him. And look how dutiful he is, making sure that his Glamma gets a good picture of him!
Cruz graduated from pre/Pre-school. I went on a school field trip the same day, so I didn't get a photo of him. He sure loves "Chino Banditos" asian/mexican food!

I set up the Jumpy Jump in the house for a week. The little ones thought that was a blast.

Daisy and Carma ran and jumped in that thing till they were exhausted. (our plan worked.)
Here is Blue right before his school choir concert. My poor glamchildren sure do put up with a lot of photo sessions. What good sports they are.
Slade is my "Funny Guy, Comedian and Clown" He loves to crack me up with his "funny faces". His brain is always thinking up newer and more clever ways to make me laugh.
Ava graduated from Pre-School. She is the sweetest thing!
Conway and Daisy thought it was great fun to take baths together in the kitchen sink. (I think it is the best place the them to get cleaned up while they are still in the kitchen.)
One night Chelsea came over and made these "Samore" cupcakes. They were to die for!!!



MarySue said...

Yikes, do you go to the Chino Bandito's on 19th Ave. just north of T-bird. That's my neck of the woods. Love, love the double sink bathe pic.

hilari said...

thanks for being the best glamma ever! i love this post because it really sums it up...we have a ton of fun together!

Mary said...

You DO have some fabulous looking Glamchildren. (And they have the bestest Glamma ever.) I agree that the double sink pic could be an award winner.

Did I mention that you also have some fabulous looking cupcakes?

'Cause you do.

debra g said...

I know what you mean about May being CRAZY! I think I might post a picture of my calendar just so I can remember all the fun!