Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On my vacation, I saw a GONDOLA!

Yes, I am now home from my FABULOUS vacation with my Mom and daughters Brooke and Hilari. Our first stop was VENICE. We landed early Friday morning and spent the night at Hotel Antiche Figure. The front of the hotel faced the Grand Canal. It was lovely.
That night we ate at a wonderful little restaurant. Our table was at the edge of the canal. Twinkly lights set a magical ambiance, so I thought...Why not get the lobster? Our waiter brought the live creature to our table to show us it's magnificence. When the waiter told me that the crustation would cost 150 Euros, I had to embarrassingly decline and opted for some pasta instead (which was delicious). Needless to say, the waiter was a little disappointed. We then topped off our meal with geleto! YUMMMM!

The next day we took the water bus to Saint Marks Square. We found (or rather she found us) an English speaking tour guide that took us directly inside the Basilica and gave us an amazing tour throughout the church. This was my second time in Venice, but the sights and artwork were as awe inspiring and the first time I was there.

We then hired a "private boat" to take us to the Cruise port. We thought we were so Fancy!!!

So here were are in the boat looking forward to our cruise with Royal Caribbean. Excited and looking forward to our adventure!!!

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sara said...

Wow, how fun! Can't wait to see more pictures.