Friday, August 21, 2009

On my vacation, I saw a PALACE!

Our third day of our cruise took us to Corfu, Greece. We toured the Achilleion Palace in the village of Gastouri. It was built high on a mountain top and the view below was so beautiful...all green and the Ionian Sea in the distance. There were several statues all along the garden path surrounding the Palace. I would hang out there all day if I could.
Inside the Palace were wonderful works of art. These were "modern" of course as they were painted in early 1900's.

Below are these freakish plaster angels on the wall that seemed to watch you as you walked around the room. They kind of creeped us out.
After this we went to an overlook to see "Mouse Island" and then we stopped in the old quarter of Corfu Town. We shopped and stopped to eat at a cafe. All the tables and chairs outside were painted a sea foam green. (I'd show you a picture of the place, but we all look too fat to show you. I downloaded roughly 600 photos so obviously I don't look good in any of them so vanity keeps them locked in my hard drive.)

This was my fabulous lunch... a typical Greek salad. I could eat one everyday!!!

Of course, another market scene. I have this fascination with the shapes and colors of fruit and vegetables. This whole trip gave me ideas and inspirations for future paintings and I look forward to spending time in my studio.


Lori said...

ummmm I love greek salad. Maybe one day I'll get to eat the authentic kind. It looks like you guys had so much fun!

sara said...

Keep the pictures coming! It all looks so great. And come on, you HAVE to post one of you & the girls sometime!

Kate said...

A real authentic greek salad! YUM!!! And I'm with Sara... we want to see you girls!

Better After said...

Oh please, I just saw you today and you looked great! Also, those angels are probably going to give me nightmares.