Saturday, August 22, 2009

On my vacation, I saw GUYS IN SPEDOS!

During the times of day when we were not at port, we sampled the various activities that are offered on the cruise ship. There were two swimmimg pools and four jacuzzis AND since the percentage of cruise quests were European, most men wore very small spedos. ("not that there is anything wrong with that"... aka Seinfeld) This view is taken while sitting in the very top Bar area that is non-smoking. During the day it was empty and my Mom and I relaxed there a bit.

My Mom also gave me two dollars to play at the slot machines. I was down to one nickle when I got a jackpot! I won $2.50 and paid my Mom back the $2. and proceeded to lose the rest. It was fun and the nickle slots didn't make me feel guilty for "gambling" ("not that there is anything wrong with that" either)

Each day when we came back from a shore excursion, a towel animal was waiting for us.

Below is the Monkey that was taken down right away because it was too freaky...those eyes and all. (I might have a problem with inanimate objects looking at me.....)
Here we are walking back to the ship from a day of touring. I have been on bigger and smaller cruise ships before. I thought this one was very nice. They even had a Ben and Jerry's!

( We posed this way so that our bodies would twist and create an illusion of "thinness"...need I mention again that there was a Ben and Jerry's?)


Lori said...

The animals are a hoot! Sorry about the speedos, or maybe not;)

Joey and Megan said...

Come on, we know Mr. Fabulous wears a Speedo around the house.

Mary said...

OK, now I am seriously jealous. I just can't decide if it's because of those crazy towel animals or because of all those men in speedos. You pick.

Tanner Fam said...

Looks like such a fun trip. The farmers markets look amazing...and like you said, what a great place to be inspired for future creations.
Also, I think it is very blog worthy to put how you actually LOST weight on a cruise. That in itself is a miracle.