Friday, April 4, 2008

Family Resemblances

A couple of weeks ago my Mom let me borrow a box of photos and documents that belonged to my Grandmother Beger. I have been scanning and cropping till my eyes hurt. But the aching "tennis, but really Bowling elbows" and soar eyes is all worth the trouble. I came across this photo (above left) of my grandma and saw my grandson Nash! He is the only grandchild so far to have dark eyes and now we know where he got them from!

It has been so much fun finding "My People", and finding that "Fruit really doesn't Fall Far from the Tree"


hilari said...

that is crazy. it looks like twins. now we can tell nash that him and grandma beger are twins, seperated by a few generations. this might freak him out just a little.

Chelsea said...

I think nash's middle name is glen... slade's is dennis. come on mom... can't you remember everything yet? loves! they do look exact though!

Mary said...

So ... how does the theme song to "Twilight Zone" go??

Positively eerie.