Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ready for a WEIRD story?!!!

So my Mom was going over all these old photos from my Grandma Beger's and telling me the "who, what and where's" last Sunday and we came across this photo of some of my Grandma's work associates. Anyway, the gal seated who is smiling into the camera (and the one next to her) were her friends also). So this gal had a "knob", a "little bump" on her forehead forever. Well, one day it started bothering her so she picked at it. And a small hair kind of came to the surface. Well, as She pulled at the hair to pluck it out, and it just started pulling out longer and longer. The hair was just a little over 12 inches long till it reached its end and was able to be plucked out!!!!!

That "knob" had been an ingrown hair follicle all that time! CRAZY!

(Did your stomach turn a bit and your right eyelid unconsciously flutter as you thought about that hair coming out like mine did?!!!)

((I'm going to go right now and look in the mirror to see if I have any "knobs"...))

(((I can't get that hair out of my mind! I need to go watch some "mindless" TV for a while, that usually does it. I don't think singing a hymn to myself would work this time....)))


Mrs. Dub said...

it's disgusting and cool at the same time.

Kelli said...

Ummm...that is realy strange!!!

Chelsea said...

I just threw up a little in my mouth. That's so sick!

acte gratuit said...

Disgustingly awesome.

My sister gets some pretty gnarley in-grown hairs on her legs because she waxes. She never knew what the little bumbs were though, until I scratched one off of her, and a 1 inch long hair came out.

12 inches though, now that's something!

I'll stop now. I'm making myself a little sick.