Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Jar Fairies

I decided to finally make some "Jar Fairies". They have been a rage the last few years and as a little girl I would always like to imagine that I was very small and think about walking among the huge grass leaves and flower umbrellas. I still do. (above) Sloan Xander did not like the term "fairy", it was too girly. (I was relieved to hear his reason, as I didn't want him to use the word another way) So the boys are all Gnomes.
Here's Nash. He always poses in the most natural GQ way...
Remi is so conscious about posing that she's all over the place. She's a princess thru and thru.
I used this photo of Ava from her "3rd Birthday Tea Party"
It was so funny when I was finding the right photo of Blue. He cocks his head to the right whenever He is standing in front of a camera! It was crazy to see all the photos I have of him in just this same position!
Slade is my sweet guy who still wants to kiss me hello and goodbye, and still likes hugs and sitting close. (Nash is also) It makes me a little sad as the boys get older and are self conscious about the affection, but it also makes me joyful to see them becoming "themselves". Thankfully, they still like to do things with me, and know that I'm a sucker at the movies. (they LOVE those "Kid Packs")
Cruz is just toooo cute. Those curls are just like his mothers.
Baby Carma is just holding her head up, so the photo opportunities have just begun. It looked odd to have her as big as the other grandkids, so I just put her in a flower.
All the Grandkids love looking at their Gnomes and Fairies. I just call these fun things 3-D Scrapbooking (which is a lame word for Family History) ((I almost hate to use the word scrapbooking anymore, it doesn't do justice for the art of preserving our memories, boosting self-esteem of family members, and anchoring ones roots and helping them to know who they are and why we are here)) (((Soap-boxy, but how I feel)))


Mrs. Dub said...

as a recipient of a charming fairy jar, i must say that they are super cute. i keep meaning to post about mine, but i can't seem to get a good pic.

i'm just waiting until mine is a collector's item.

Nan said...

These are adorable! It's so funny you say they have been all the rage for a few years now and this is the very first time I have ever seen or heard about them! I knew I lived a sheltered life, but wow, to be so unaware of such a cute and clever craft! It's a good thing I came by your blog and discovered them then, something new to enjoy and consider making some time. Thanks for sharing all your gorgeous grand fairies and gnomes!

Miss Sandy said...

Hi Kelley, I am Miss Sandy of Quill Cottage. I got your wonderful dress in the Hanging Up Springtime Swap! I adore the hand drawn details! I scrolled down to see your whole set and I love it all! Thank you so much for the darling little dress and pinafore. My next post will be featuring your fab creation along with the other items I received.

What a wonderful and creative springtime display! I can just imagine all your darling glam-babies lined up on a sunny window sill! these are awesome! I just did a fanciful birdhouse for my dining table that includes a little fairy, I think I must steal your idea and put a few little grandson gnomes at play in the moss!

Amy G. said...

Thank you so much for including us in your "Fairy Jar" frenzy! I will never quite understand where you get the time or creativity to come up with so many wonderful creations. I think you should start selling these, as everyone who has seen mine wants one of their own. I let them all know it was a "Glamma Fabulous" original!