Thursday, October 1, 2009

Arizona's version of Sledding...

Monday night we went to Cactus Park which doubles as a water retention area. This fact makes for steep hills all the way around the park. Buy a bunch of ice blocks and there you go!
Falling and rolling down the hill was hilarious to watch!

The littlest glamchildren thought it was more fun to just gather around the ice blocks and lick them.
The "oldest" kids decided to make "ice trains"...

and a few "family" trains were made.

Family and "Friends who are like Family" came. It was so much fun!
Dusty and Chelsea brought gunny sacks for a race after every one's bums were frozen.
I just LOVE my family!!!!


sara said...

Great pictures! I've always heard about iceblocking but have never actually done it. You guys are awesome!

brookegfunk said...

It was a blast!!! Im glad everyone came and had sooo much fun!!!

Chelsea said...

we thought it was so much fun! i'm glad brooke organized it!