Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Story #6 "Small Tales in the Cemetery"

Small Tales in the Cemetery starts with my perusing the Internet for Halloween decoration ideas. I found this idea using plastic pink flamingos, so then I found a site to buy them and lo and behold, they actually sell more colors than pink! I bought a pair of black ones and within a couple days they were in a box on my front porch. I painted the beaks and eyes black and proceeded to paint flamingo skeletons on each side. My family brought it to my attention that Gnomes, plastic squirrels and other plastic yard ornaments could be altered the same way! So that will be a story for next year.

Glamson Slade always likes to help me decorate and he willingly obliged by pouring red paint on the underside of a worn out black bird.

This small tale starts on one side of the entry way with a group of birds waiting to peck someone...and ends on the other side of the entry way with the vulture eating one of those birds. Yuck!
And the last small tale is one of imprisonment. This unlucky lady has been locked in her chair for centuries.
and the gate keeper holds the keys. He also has been waiting a very long time.
Happy Haunting!

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