Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bust at the Tucson Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival...

ABOVE IS MY FABULOUS STASH OF "FIXINS" THAT I BROUGHT HOME YESTERDAY when Kelli, Chelsea and I went to the Tucson Quilt, Craft and Sewing Festival. It was sort of our own personal "Trail of Tears". Kelli got to my house in the morning right on time. I was feeling a little sick because I didn't get enough sleep the night before. We couldn't leave right away as our friend who was adding a water line to our back yard needed consultation. We finally got to Chelsea's (who lives in Maricopa) and loaded up the three strollers and car seats and the truck wouldn't start. Dusty came home from work, borrowed the neighbors car and we drove two cars to Tucson.

Once in Tucson, we finally find the "Expo". The convention was tiny. It was about an eighth of the size as the one in Phoenix in January. Carma and Daisy started off great and wanted to holds hands the whole time. Soon they got tired of seeing the decades old fabric and ONE craft booth that sold brass stencils and they cried the whole time. All the (darling) old ladies wanted to touch Baby Pearl and that started getting a little weird. So, we leave and Chelsea's car wouldn't start. LUCKILY, Chelsea was brought up in a family of all girls with vehicles that ALMOST NEVER worked, so we all know how to change tires, check the fluid settings, tighten battery connections and jump our various modes of transportation.
We start to head back to the valley, I start having crazy stomach cramps, the kids are starving so we roam around Tuscon to find somewhere to eat, get a little lost, then head back to the freeway and find a "Chili's". We get seated at a booth as none of the tables can host three high chairs and Carma and Daisy think they are free to explore all aspects of the bench. I'm trying to just look out the window so that the other quests in the restaurant can't see my VERY unattractive face contorting in pain from my weird feelings of sickness. Pearl has ANOTHER explosion and needs to be changed.

Giving up all sense of decorum, we decide to let the little girls feed themselves the desert we were all sharing and as you know, it is sooooo much better to eat a brownie sundae with your hands!!!
Then as we get ready to go and all three little girls need to be changed and Pearl's is another explosion so she just has to go naked.

Chelsea's car won't start again, but this time we were smart and parked the cars head to head "just in case" and She has become a whiz at getting the jumper cables out and on in minutes. We all get home safely.
This day was actually pretty "normal" (except for me feeling sick) and we all agreed that we had a really good time enjoying one another's company even though the festival was a bust and we had car problems. So after all that complaining, I'd do it all again.


brookegfunk said...

Sounds like just your average day , sorry that it was a bust, yer cars were colicky, and that you went to the armpit of Arizona ( Yuma isn't as bad) but in true Smith girl spirit you had fun anyway and isn't that what it is all about?

Kelli and Craig said...

We did have fun anyways! It was an adventure!

Anonymous said...

Here, I was feeling so out of the loop...I am so glad that the girls in our family can figure things out! These situations are the ones that make me feel the proudest. mom

Chelsea said...

it was a stupid fun trip and my cars have worked perfect ever since... maybe it wasa sign that it was going to be a bust