Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween Story #2 "Welcome to the Bate's Motel"

Welcome to the Bate's Motel! Yes, I am a conservative glamma who loves a little gore... I googled the movie Psycho images and found this sign. I printed it onto glossy photo paper and painted over the letters with a gel gloss to make the letters stand out.
I bought the shower curtain and rug at Savers. I put red gloss acrylic onto my hands and feet to make the scary bloody effect. It ended out a little gruesome so I needed to add some "fun" elements to the room...

Hence, "Norman's Photo Collection". I aged and dirtied up the photos and taped them onto the mirrors in a hap-hazard way in which Norman would have placed them. Then my mind started really going and I thought I'd add the movie "Mommie Dearest" into the story/crime scene. I thought that Norman could have an Aunt Joan and Cousin Christina. Oh, and of course Uncle Alfred!
I then googled "vintage travel ads" so that Norman could spruce up the place.

It's hard to keep the establishment clean and Norman's mess got on the soap dish...

and on the towels...and what hotel would be complete with out travel soaps and a souvenir shop.
There is a real company that sells Bate's Motel towels. Click here if you are interested.
Extra toilet paper is available if you need it!!!

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Tanner Fam said...

All that you're missing is the peep hole...or are you????