Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Edgar Allen Poe's Library

I copied an idea out of this seasons "Martha Stewart" Halloween magazine, and downloaded Edgar Allan Poe's poem of "The Raven". I deleted all of the poem except the first few lines and changed the font to good ol' blackladder. I then got out an old ink well from my Chinese Watercolor class supplies and poured the rest in a puddle to make it seem like suddenly Poe had to get the heck out of his office! I cut the tip of a black feather to look like a pen and laid it along side of the poem and of course the scenario would not be complete with out the "Raven" looking on......

Oh, I also made a new label for the ink bottle that has a wonderful skull and crossbones and a poison caution on it.

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Alyson P. said...

I'm sorry I couldn't find your email so I'm sending this as a comment although it doesn't apply to this post! I wanted you to check out this blog for photoshop tips: http://spraguelab.squarespace.com/blog/