Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Entry Way

OK, I was excited to figure out a way to make two old photos me and my husband unexpectedly scary! Because I couldn't figure out how to this easier on photoshop (I really need to take a class) I used my Memory Maker program and downloaded each photo on a separate page. I then used these skeletons from a Dover Electronic Clip Art book (I love those!!!) and because the background was white on the skeleton and skull, I made them more transparent. I resized them and positioned them to be as close as possible over our bodies. I then copied the skeletons and pasted them on another page, then deleted them on the page of the photos. I printed the photos on glossy paper and the skeletons on transparency paper. It's fun to see whether people catch on or not when they come in!The "Dead Country Girl" statue was on clearance at Home Goods (MY FAVORITE STORE EVER!!!!) for $7. I just spray painted her all over randomly with white and grey and then sprayed painted her eyes black. I then set her on top of a pot that I placed upside down on the table. I say some statues like this other places for $30!This is fun doing this blog, Can I print these pages so that I can keep them as a sort of journal? Do any of you pros know?


Luc Comeau said...

Hey Kelley! This was a fun virtual visit to your home. Thanks for the invite! You are a breath of fresh air to the Ward. Thanks! Ruth Comeau

Mrs. Dub said...

if you go to you can make your blog into a book. or you can follow these instructions to download your blog onto CD -