Tuesday, October 9, 2007

This blogging is like learning a new launguage!

OK, so I am not happy with how my blog looks, and I am going over and over all the options that I can change, and I don't see any of the cute things that other people have designed on their blogs. My brain is hurting! I know that after a while, I'll catch on, but learning all this new stuff isn't fun yet. I don't know why I stressing, because no one even knows about my blog yet. Tomorrow is another day!!!!

PS I found the spell check. Yahoo!


hilari said...

love the picture momma. i'm telling you, the blog - blogs my mind!

Lorraine said...

Hi Kelley,
Spelling is overrated! Love your blog-it's fun and interesting. Somehow I got on Mary's by accident-don't let her hog your page:)Love and kisses with best wishes to Glamma

Anonymous said...

hey kel this is mel, had a wonderful time at the party last night. You are a fab grandma a good momma and a great sis.
the party was a blast for the kids, sooo many crafts to do. I olny hope to be as fab grandma as you.
love ya mel