Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Throne

Every Queen Bee needs a throne! I have always wanted to glorify this seat of Kings, but could never seem to find the right objects to do so. But, just last week while I was browsing thru "Hobby Lobby" (THE BEST CRAFT STORE IN AZ) and came upon this crown. At the time, all wall hangings were 50% off and the front was also damaged so I asked for a little more off. (I am getting much more ballsy as I get older) Anyway, the crown was perfect except for the color. I have silver hardware in the black and white bathroom so I spray painted the crown and the plastic tassels a silver chrome. The tassels are Christmas ornaments that were also half off at the time. I then took the crown and on an old wooden shelf, traced inside the crown. I used my jig saw and cut the piece out, then spray painted it the same glossy black that I painted the chest and mirror with. I found this great fabric at "JoAnns" that is heavy and has velvet flourishes on it for the curtain (used my 40% off coupon). I did not sew one single stitch, but used hemming tape to finish off the raw edges, attach the fringe and make a hem at the bottom. I then stapled the fabric to the wood board and used "L' shaped hardware to attach it to the wall.

My dilemma: I think the white wall inside the curtains needs something, any ideas???


acte gratuit said...

Dear Glamma Fabulous,
I'm Mrs. Dubs SIL. As I was reading back through your posts I found mention of a Grandma Call. Well, since my maiden name is Call, I think that means we're related. Which means I'd appreciate some awesome artsy gifts for my kids. Who are practically your grandkids.

P Daddy said...

A gifted artist, a natural comedienne, a wonderful mom (and frequent vicarious mom to our Mrs. Dub), a creative genius, would have been the classic candidate for those old who's the mother/ who's the daughter dishsoap commercials as her looks have remained as young as her heart has, and nobody can do a holiday, a party, or a scrapbook like GF. A wonderful friend, a great read, and always a fun time. Definitely, the Queen.

hilari said...

this throne is amazing. trust me, when you actually need to "use" the throne, you feel very regal and very fancy.

Mrs. Dub said...

pardon my language, but i hope i'm not constipated the next time i visit your place.

fabulous as always, glamma!

acte gratuit said...

Oh, and I also think you should will me the trunk. It's probably rightfully mine anyway. (Have I gone to far yet?)
When you do your geneology, look out for a polygomous named Anson. Every Call I've ever met is related to him!

P.S. I met Hilary in San Diego and am an admirer! :)

gfunk said...

hilari is right its a perfect princess potty!