Monday, October 8, 2007

Horray! It's Halloween Time!

Hi to all you people who like to create! I'm starting out this new blog (my first - I had a website for my art for forever and I think this will be a better way for my clients to see new work and for me to share all the fun stuff I like to do to curb my creative addictions.) Anyway, October might as well just be called "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!" I love decorating for halloween better than any holiday and I thought I'd start out by showing you a photo of my husband and my very first halloween together as a Mr. and Mrs. in 1977 and one of the two of us last year in 2006. This year will be our 30th halloween! The rest of the month, I'll share with you some of the super cool stuff I made to decorate our house with. (now I've got to figue out how to download or is it upload the pics.......) Glamma Fabulous

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gfunk said...

Mom yeah for you! I say you may want to use a different background and you may also like to see lauras links to other established bloggers it looks pretty good but not as fab as you are capable of.I like the ones that use alot of pic's and have a good logo( like mom101 and junk in my trunktec..) i have no doubt that this blog will be as wonderful as you are! i love you!