Monday, October 15, 2007

The Graveyard Entryway

I have been making a graveyard in my front yard since forever. I remember my oldest daughters 6th birthday party (24 yrs ago) that was a Halloween theme and I made headstones for each child and they sat on the ground in front of them. What was I thinking??? Sometimes my "oh, that would be COOL!" ideas are done before my "maybe that would offend somebody" thoughts are even started. Anyway, these scary figures that guard the front door are made a little differently each year. The monster and toddler monster's heads are really decomposing now and I think this will be the last year for them. My grandsons said they smell bad!


gfunk said...

You da bomb ma' the pics do not do justice to how cool everything is!You have excellent taste and a wonderful eye!It is all super cool!

discodevo said...

I love those monsters! Especially the monster toddler!

It sad it will be their last year but I will confirm that they do smell reallllllllly bad!

Mrs. Dub said...

i wouldn't even mind it if they smelled. i'm seriously about to cry that i can't come over and see it in person. i think that's why i've always resisted decorating for halloween - because i know i could never do it with such KS flair.

you're amazing!

Kelli said...

Mom you are "da bomb" as Gfunk described. So inspiring!!!