Thursday, October 25, 2007

Our Littlest Baby Ghoul

Here's my youngest grandchild, Sloan- Brooke's 5th. She just couldn't keep up with all the hoopla and crazy dancing at the party the other night. She doe's have a wonderful peacock costume that I hope she will wear today at the party that my grandkids are throwing at my house later on. Boy are those kids excited!!! As you can probably guess, they are the real reason for all this decorating (OK, I love it too, but when you have loving fans, the urge to decorate multiplies)
So here's a Shout Out to Sloan's Grandma Great for making her a Halloween blanket. I married into the right family who has an equal love for Halloween.
And a Huge Loving Thank You for the FABULOUS bag "Ghouls just want to have Fun" to my dear friend Marilee P.!


Amber said...

What a sweet little sleeper. You are such a fabulous glamma! I hope the party went well tonight and thanks for letting me crash lunch on Wednesday. I just love being at your home and with your family.

Mary said...

You have given me a whole new way to look at Halloween, which previously was pretty low on the totem pole of holidays. I promise to do better ... you can be my witness!

And a little bundle of ghoul ain't bad either.

steph said...

wow! she looks just like remy! at least i think so!

gfunk said...

Ilove that saweet lil ghoul ! Shes the best!