Thursday, November 15, 2007

More "Good Stuff" (I'm trying not to say "Crap" so often)

In our new house the ceilings are a lot higher than our old house, so I have 22 inches of space above my cabinets in the kitchen. This allows me another wonderful decorating space! I have collected old stuff from since forever. I especially love objects that have been in the family a long time. Anyway, I would be a good store person that sets up the displays, I would not be good in the selling department, because I would probably tell the costumers where there is a better deal someplace else! I can spend hours rearranging objects just right so that the composition is pleasing, the colors all compliment one another and making sure that there is variation in height. With a (self-diagnosed touch of OCD), I can get a little more concerned about arrangement than healthy and something a little off can bug me enough that I have to get out of bed to go change it. Well, this post looks like a confessional.... Oh well.
PS-I really am not collecting roosters, I just like their shape and colors, so please do not buy me any.... (only if it is FABULOUS!)


Kate said...

I love all of this "good stuff." I'd love just a fraction of design-sense.

brooke gfunk said...

Good Stuff or Good Crap it all looks coolio to me!