Thursday, February 7, 2008

Carma's Nursery

Chelsea and Dusty did such an amazing job in putting together their first born's nursery. They were given the crib by fabulous friend Sandy and the changing table by fabulous sister Hilari. Dusy painted them. He did such a good job that if you touch them, you would think that the crib and changing table are brand new! I made the curtains with Dingle Balls of course!

Chelsea found baskets and empellished them to coordinate the color scheme and She painted the frames, some new and some old cast offs. (I always seem to have a stash that the girls pick through.) ((I'm getting better at not buying every frame that is super discounted just because I can see a vision of it's purpose...I think I need therapy))
anyway, back to the nursary-

OG (Grandma Burke) made the bumper pad while Chelsea covered 32 buttons with coordinating fabric that she then attached to hold the batting in place. Unfortunatly, the rails of the crib cover all but a few. (Another lesson learned)
And a look into Carma's closet. Only the 0-3 months are hung so that NO FROCK is left unworn. That would indeed be sad. GREAT Job Chelsea and Dusty! FABULOUS work on creating that cute little Carma for Glamma Fabulous to adore!!!


hilari said...

this nursery is darling! as is baby carma. too bad she can't stay in 0-3 month sizes forever with such a cute wardrobe.

sara said...

I love those colors! And I can't believe that Carma has more shoes than I do!

Mary said...

Love, love, love the nursery. It's pretty unfair that so much talent is smushed into one family. In fact, I'm thinking that you guys are HOGGING more than your fair share.

So, let's play nice and spread it around.


Kelli said...

Her nursery is simply fabulous!

chelsea said...

Don't worry hilari... she has just as fabulous clothes in bigger sizes! Thanks for the nice comments about the nursery. It makes me happy that my vision came together so nice and that it actually looks good.