Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Look what I found !

All morning I have been cleaning and re-organizing. I am still not totally unpacked from our move into this house in June 07... So anyway, My oldest daughter is having a very small, but elegant "birthday tea party" at my house this Saturday for her 3 year old daughter. I am setting it up and of course she is bringing the food. Well, I have been collecting new and old china to use while entertaining. As I was unpacking these items and I had forgotten that I had stuffed these darlings in one of the boxes the day I had bought them at a thrift store in the "get ready to move crazyness". I love finding things like that, it's like Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Yea! all together without expecting it!


Kelli said...

Thosea are so adorable!!! Gorgeous!!!

brooke gfunk said...

love em!